The Dreamers was established in 2012 as a concept label and today exists as an organic extension of my work. With the agenda of wearing cultural pride like armour and a sign of solidarity. The Dreamers Design adopts fashion techniques and methodologies to create a youth focused aesthetic aiming to reinforce relevance and appeal. The shirts often feature positive, yet challenging messages using playful and thoughtful design. The flamboyant jewellery uses vibrant and recognisable colours to further empower the wearer. 


This design draws inspiration from the front line rally cries of  Aboriginal protest in Australia. 'Always was, Always will be, Aboriginal Land'.


Gary Foley is a renowned Aboriginal Gumbainggir activist, academic, writer and human rights activist. This design takes from the iconic image of him during the 1971 Springboks protests holding a placard reading, “Pardon me for being born into a nation of racists". The message maintains it's relevance today.